Google Chat will soon replace Hangouts

Users of Google Workspaceformerly known as G Suitesoon will have to say goodbye to Hangoutswhich will be replaced next month by Google Chat. In reality, this migration was supposed to take place starting in October 2019, but its start has been postponed until June 2020. This is the official statement from Google:

Starting March 22, 2022, we will enable the “Favorite Chat” setting for all customers who haven’t already, making Google Chat the default chat application. This means that when users visit Hangouts in Gmail on the web or classic Hangouts mobile apps, they will be directed to Chat.

However, as of mid-March 2022, any newly created Google Chat space within your domain won’t appear in Hangouts. This means that messages sent to these spaces will only appear in Google Chat for affected users.

Google’s messaging services are constantly evolving and it is certainly not the first time, or the last, that we will see such a change. We remember for example GChat, the unofficial name of Google Talk, which was eliminated in 2017 and then replaced with Hangouts, which, as we have told you, will soon have to give way to Chat. Google has stated that “this change cannot be waived” and that Android and iOS applications will be disabled, although will continue to work.

As it turns out, Google is continuing to renew its services. Today, we also told you about Google’s new Dark Mode, which features an absolute black compared to the previous dark gray. For more details on this, we recommend that you read our previous article.