Google releases an AR filter featuring 78 Pixel 6-inspired tarot cards

The latest Google update in conjunction with the upcoming holiday season concerns its latest top-of-the-range, but it is not a new feature. Big G’s social team has posted a filter on Instagram creating 78 Pixel-themed tarot cards for the occasion, all extremely well-finished and refined.

It is not clear why the Mountain View company has chosen this unusual social strategy to promote the features of Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6, but there is a considerable commitment lavished in the realization of this advertising campaign. If you look at the Pixel-themed tarot card deck, you notice that the cards are made extremely well, complete with augmented reality animation.

The Pixel tarot deck is made up of 78 cards, and is divided into 22 major arcana – or triumphs – and 55 minor arcana. A feature of Google’s smartphones is connected to each major arcana:

The company also made one 93 page presentation on Google Presentations (Google Slides), which for those unfamiliar with it is an editor that allows you to create multimedia presentations similar to its most famous competitor, Microsoft PowerPoint. In the pages of the document, it is explained in detail how to use the tarot deck for beginners, with a brief description of the history of this ancient practice of clairvoyance and how to best use the tarot.

There are also instructions on how to share the social filters on Instagram made by #TeamPixel: anyone can find them by going to the profile @googlepixel or clicking here.

From the instructions in the presentation, it appears that Google has also made a real deck of cards, as the instructions state to “scan the QR code on the box” To use augmented reality effects and animate the cards. Meanwhile, true fans can improvise Giovanni Muciaccia, print the arcana from the presentation, and cut the squares of the cards to create your deck of cards homemade.

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