Have Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft made us weaker?

According to the US military, the Nintendo generation is a physically weaker generation. No, we’re not kidding: the Pentagon press release has in fact impeached video games, or rather, even entertainment products in general. A speech that obviously seems to have come out of another era and that really makes an impression on reading it.

In the Pentagon press release, the military wonders why the “Nintendo Generation” is skeletally weaker than those of the past. “The bone structure is not prone to intense physical activity, so some of these people are prone to breakage,” reads the press release. A shocking statement, which concerns all young people aged 18 to 25 who have decided to enlist. Video games and specifically sedentary life are under accusation, which would have created boys unsuitable for certain heavy physical exertion.

“Today, recruits are children of a much more sedentary world than previous generations. Bones are more prone to breaking, as they are not used to training ”. But can video games really have caused this decline? The answer, of course, does not exist. Surely life is more sedentary than years ago, but Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and SEGA were the causes of this physical “decay”. Easier, however, a series of conveniences that have become part of US lives, not just related to entertainment.

As much as these statements may make us smile, we must never forget the context: the army is definitely not one of the realities who lives everyday life with more passion, and very often the statements come from people who have a huge detachment from the world of new technologies and modern life. Let’s take them as they are: opinions that come from those who are really so distant from our worlds.

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