In the MOUNTAINS with the ELECTRIC MACHINE. Autonomy? Behavior? VOLKSWAGEN ID4 GTX test drive

From summer heat to winter frost! After trying ID.4 in Sicily it was the turn of ID.4 GTX in Livigno to find out how autonomy varies with temperatures below 0! How this ID.4 will have behaved a four-wheel drive? Let’s find out about their autonomy and behavior on the ice!

ID.4 in version GTX has 2 motors, for a total power of 220kW and snaps from 0 to 100km / h in 6.2 seconds.

In 142 km traveled at an average speed of 65km / h, the average consumption was 20.6kWh / 100km. I would therefore say of a 15% more consumption than the single-engine version.

To trace the hairpin bends I started the sport and I immediately noticed how much the suspension stiffens and makes it very precise in handling. Needless to say, the power does the rest, and when exiting the curve it starts again without problems, even uphill. Speaking of climbing, consumption, in this case, goes up to 45-50 kWh / 100km even if obviously downhill you recover.

So how does one go electric machine with the cold? Let’s start with the benefits. It is certainly very convenient to find it already preheated in the morning both for a matter of comfort and because in this way you can also find dry and not frozen windows but we do not end here. Another advantage lies in the dynamic qualities, especially when it comes to 4 × 4. Their couple coming from the electric motor can be sent to each of the 4-wheel drives with infinitesimal precision and therefore the electronics will work better than that mounted on a thermal car, with a great benefit for safety.

What are the verses? The cons of the electricity in winter is mainly one, the drop from autonomy. On this GTX I found a 10% less due to sub-zero temperatures and with regard to autonomy, I realized that to get an idea of ​​the consumption that you will have on the climb in addition to the extra one due to temperatures, you must consider an additional 10% for every 1000 meters climbed.

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