Ingenio Games announces 5 new games

Ingenio Games was presented very recently and we already picked up the news of the arrival of this new publisher, yesterday in Paralysis Analysis they presented 5 new games that will enter their editorial catalog. Ingenio Games enters the market with a battery of 5 new very ambitious board games.

The vast majority of the new games from Ingenio Games are themed games and focus on 2 publishers, Mythic Games Y Mighty Boards. The publisher focuses on thematic games and large productions; all the titles presented have a large format and there are great productions. We already announced the first games presented by Ingenio Games in a news item recently, and these are added and new games more.

Here are the 5 games announced.

Vengeance: Roll & Fight is a real-time Roll & Write, in which the frenetic action of the board game tries to emulate action movies.
Set in the universe of Vengeance (his previous game) and designed by Dávid Turczi, Noralie Lubbers, and Gordon Calleja, Vengeance: Roll & Fight is an independent game that transforms the previous Vengeance into a combo game, in which you defeat enemies and go adding points. An action fighting game that is easy to learn and difficult to master.
From what I understand with Revenge: Roll & Fight, Mighty Boards has managed to improve the experience and implemented much better the intentions they had with Original Vengeance. Getting even better effects with a less overproduced game and with a faster pace. This one catches my attention.

  • Players: 1 to 4
  • Weather: 60 – 120 minutes
  • Hardness: 2.67
  • Age: 10+
  • Author: Katarzyna cioch , Wojciech Wiśniewski
  • Editorial: Granna
  • Date: March 2022
  • Genre / Mechanics: Eurogame – Simultaneous selection of actions, Draft.
Gutenberg is a board game for 1-4 people played as pioneers of the printing press in the 15th century. We will fulfill assignments to gain wealth and fame. Improving our printing shops and by gaining support from patrons we will be able to develop our production capacity
By complying with orders, they will build their wealth and fame. The owner of the printing press with the greatest recognition and wealth will win the game.
Gutenberg, has a bidding system for shares that have caught my attention, in addition, the personal board has a series of gears that improve our printing press and we will not only complete book orders, but we will also be able to decorate them. It is a light game and the only purely euro proposal among the 5 new games presented by Ingenio Games.
A practically introductory euro with a very careful production that arrived in Essen with great expectations. I was able to try it it is one of the games that I brought from Essen, and I see it as a correct game.

  • Players: 1 to 4
  • Weather: 30 -120 minutes
  • Hardness: 3.13
  • Age: 14+
  • Author: Gordon Calleja
  • Editorial: Mighty Boards
  • Date: April 2022
  • Genre / Mechanics: Eurotrash – Resource Management, Modular Dashboard
Posthuman Saga is a competitive survival game. The base game is from 2019 and this year its third expansion “The Journey Home” came out via Kickstarter.
An independent survival game in the universe Posthuman. You play as a seasoned member of the Fortress militia, sent beyond the defensive perimeter to scout and hopefully regain connection to the outposts the Fortress has lost contact with. You have to traverse a hostile territory where resources are scarce and mutants roam the ruined places and wild areas.
Here we get into a more thematic territory, but we retain a fairly Eurogame engine and with high importance of resource management. The Posthuman series has its public fuel and they have accumulated 3 expansions to date, it may not be one of the best-known games of Mighty Boards, but it does seem to have a loyal following.

  • Players: 2 to 5
  • Weather: 90 – 120 minutes
  • Hardness:
  • Age: 14+
  • Author: Marc large
  • Editorial: Mythic Games
  • Date: Second half 2022
  • Genre / Mechanics: Eurogame – Variable Powers, Area Control
SteamWatchers is the next Mythic game and this time they put aside the dice and chance of thematic games to offer us a game closer to the eurogames. SteamWatchers It is set in an ice age caused by global warming.
It will be an asymmetrical game with little presence of chance, confrontation, and control of territories. This time we are talking about a eurogame court game, but with the production of Mythic Games, a huge board, miniatures, and a huge box for what is the game that interests me the most of those presented so far by the publisher. We talk about SteamWatchers in the special dedicated to Cannes 2020 and since its release on Kickstarter in March 2020 it is a game that caught my attention.
Fortunately, these titles are beginning to reach retail.

  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Weather: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Hardness:
  • Age: 14+
  • Author: Carlos GQ
  • Editorial: Mythic Games
  • Date: To be confirmed
  • Genre / Mechanics: Thematic – Variable powers, Real-time
6: Siege is based on the Ubisoft video game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. The game is fast and frantic, allowing you to feel the tension of a cinematic assault in a simulated game in real-time.
Players control a team of 5 specialists, each with different devices and abilities. The attacker will use an explosive arsenal to knock down walls and obstacles to reach his goal; and as a defender, you will shape the battlefield in your favor and seek to stop your opponent’s plans by denying them opportunities to attack.
A tactical game that tries to emulate the well-known video game and that had an overwhelming success in its Kickstarter campaign. This is of the 5 new games presented by Ingenio Games, the one that will take the longest to arrive, the Kickstarter campaign is from this year and Mythic usually tries a lot to deliver its games. I wouldn’t expect it before 2023.

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