Instagram is testing a new system for viewing Stories

Instagram continue to work at new possible evolutions for its application. Among the novelties being tested in this first part of 2022 there is also a new swipe system for Stories. One of the possible changes to the app involves the transition to a vertical swipe, following what already happens with TikTok and with I Reels. The confirmation that the tests are underway coming from a short video that appeared online in these hours.

Change coming up for Instagram Stories?

The introduction of a system of vertical swipe for Stories was anticipated in February of last year by Instagram which confirmed that it was working on this possible change to the application. Almost 12 months later, Instagram has begun to test this new way to consult stories through the app more frequently. The new system could progressively be made available to all users of the social network, replacing the traditional one currently in use.

The video released by Matt Navarra in these hours confirms that currently, for now only in Turkey and for a limited circle of users, Instagram is testing new ways of using the Stories. With the new system being tested, the passage from the Stories of one user to those of a subsequent user requires a vertical swipe while with a tap on the left or right edge of the screen it will be possible to switch from one story to another of the same. user.

Pending more official details, it is now clear that Instagram intends to renew some of the features of the same app and, in particular, to focus development on Stories, an increasing reference point for users. Since last December, for example, the social network has started testing an increase in the duration of the Stories, extending the duration from a maximum of 15 seconds to a full 60 seconds.

At the same time, Instagram is also working on new functions dedicated to the feed and personalization of your profile. As for the feed, users may have the possibility to choose, among various options, the order in which the posts are displayed (passing from a chronological order to another type of order, for example by giving preference to favorite accounts). News related to the profile are also on the way with the ability to customize the “grid” of your posts, choosing the order of display and, probably, having the ability to highlight some of them.


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