iPhone 14 Pro will be even more performing thanks to 8 GB of RAM

iPhone 14 Pro will include more RAM than any other Melafonino model released on the market so far: analyst Jeff Pu si Haitong International Securities is convinced of this. 8 GB of RAM, 2 more than those included in the iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro (Max variants included), representing the current maximum. There are no concrete details on the “standard” iPhone 14, but considering what Apple has done in the past it is safe to assume that there will be less – how much is impossible to tell, at least for now.

According to Pu, Apple will also take a kind of backward step in relation to storage memory: the base size will be 64 GB, half of what we have on the iPhone 13 Pro. We hope that at least the idea will have repercussions on the final price, but for now we are not certain. Furthermore, Pu confirms what has already been predicted by another analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, regarding the rear camera: it will be triple, with a new generation 48 MP main sensor and the two 12 MP auxiliaries (ultra-wide angle and telephoto). The main difference should be, for the main sensor, the ability to record video in 8K, an important detail especially in AR / VR viewer optics.

Finally, there is a prediction that seems much less plausible: and that is that the entire range of iPhone 14, even non-Pro ones, will have a 120 Hz refresh display. Not only has Apple so far always reserved this technology for its most prestigious devices, but other insiders and analysts, such as DSCC’s ever-trusted Ross Young, have already stated that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will remain at 60Hz. That’s right. remember that Jeff Pu has not proved infallible over the years: in 2019 he said that a HomePod with cameras for 3D detection would be released. However, he was right about the miniLED speech for the displays of the 16 “MacBook Pro and the latest iPad Pro.

Finally, remember that Apple is expected to maintain a 4-device range for 2022, but the Mini model will disappear: there will be iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, and the related Pro variants of both. A notable difference between the Pro and the basic models should be precisely in the display: the less prestigious range will continue to adopt the notch, while the Pro models will move to the hole in the display, hiding all the technology and sensors of the Face ID under it.

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