Is your Google Pixel 6 having touchscreen problems? Here is a possible solution

As often happens in the first months of the life of a new smartphone, Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are also accompanied by a series of problems, more or less important, which have created some problems for users who have purchased them. If some have been fixed with the feature drop of December (which however introduced new bugs), others are still present and we will have to wait a little longer for their resolution.

Blocks to the touchscreen? Here is the solution

Among the most annoying problems seems to be that of the touchscreen lock, which in some cases completely loses sensitivity for a couple of seconds, ignoring any user touch. While waiting for Google to release a fix to solve the bug, a user posted a solution on Reddit that temporarily puts a patch, albeit in a very particular way.

The user micku7zu found that freeze occurs when an accessibility service is activated which requires permission can perform gestures, an accessibility service that allows you to simulate touches on the screen instead of the user. The bug occurs as soon as the battery drops by 1%, inhibiting any touch for a couple of seconds.

In case the problem occurs on your Pixel 6 the solution seems to be to disable any accessibility services, none excluded. This also means disabling predefined services such as Voice Access, with all the problems deriving from their deactivation, especially if they are of particular importance to the user.

If this is not a viable path, all you have to do is report the problem by putting a star on it in this thread to tell Google that your device is also affected. The American company has already recognized the problem but claims to have trouble reproducing it consistently, although Reddit which reported the possible solution also explains how to make it emerge.

We just have to wait for a solution from Google which in all likelihood will be released together with the security patches over the next few months.

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