LOL 2 Who Laughs Is Out, first episodes available on Prime Video

LOL 2: Who Laughs begins today February 24, 2022 with the first four episodes. The format produced by Endemol Shine Italy for Amazon Studios again sees 10 comedians engaged in a 6-hour race. The goal is not to laugh despite all the provocations of the competitors.

And perhaps today, given what is happening, a little laugh could be more useful than ever. There are those who might object to the choice to publish the 4 episodes of the series today, but honestly we do not feel like raising unnecessary controversy about it.

The first part of this second season will arrive today on the Italian catalog of Prime Video, the home streaming service Amazon included in the subscription ad Amazon Prime which includes original and non-original movies and TV series.


In case you are not a Prime subscriber but still want to watch the six episodes that make up LOL 2: Who Laughs Is Out you can subscribe even for just one month for € 3.99. From today, February 24, the first 4 episodes are available, and it is sufficient to wait until March 3 (therefore a week) to be able to enjoy the last two. Consequently one month subscription it is more than enough. Furthermore, if you have never been a Prime subscriber, the first month of subscription is free.

In the second season of LOL we will see a cast varied made up, like last year, of 10 comedians and TV personalities: Corrado Guzzanti, Maccio Capatonda, Mago Forest, Diana Del Bufalo, Virginia Raffaele, Maria Di Biase, Tess Masazza, Alice Mangione, Gianmarco Pozzoli and Max Angioni. To direct we will find once again Fedez flanked by a competitor of the 1st season, Frank Matano. There will also be a “wild card”, another component of the first season, Lillowhich will have the role of serial disturber of the quiet of the participants.

The 4 episodes are already available on the catalog, just follow this link to play them. Here is the synopsis of the first episode:

In the first episode of LOL: Who Laughs Is Out, the 10 comedians enter the theater. Fedez, conductor and referee, explains the rules of the game and starts the race. He and Frank Matano will follow the various stages of the challenge and point out who laughs. The challengers begin to “hit” each other with jokes and sketches but staying serious becomes more difficult for someone than expected …