Lost Ark is filling up with bots

In recent weeks we have often talked about Lost Ark, the new MMORPG by Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate RPG. It didn’t take much for the game to become a real popular phenomenon, building a large and growing community of fans in a very short time. The title, however, it is not free from defects and many problems have already emerged close to the launch of the free-to-play of the moment.

As if all the problems related to European servers were not enough, players have reported that Lost Ark is being besieged by a series of bots. Some of the posts that appeared online to report the situation were also accompanied by some videos. The curious thing is how many of these bots move in unison to take down a large enemy.

It took a short time before dSeveral players have started posting multiple reports on forums and subreddits, making it known that the problem is getting worse. This bot invasion, however, is not the only recent problem, as new things are now springing up unpleasant consequences also on the gold obtainable in the game.

Both Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate RPG have already stated that they are hard at work on all of one series of solutions for Lost Ark. The community, for its part, hopes that in the next updates we can also find a way to solve the recent bot situation.

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