MAXI air fryer with 7 programs: Amazon shock price (€ 79)

Products like the air fryer they deserve to be understood in order to appreciate them to the fullest. Not only can you make fried foods much healthier and less caloric, with a product like this you can indulge in a lot of delicious recipes with different types of cooking.

It is no coincidence that the model I found in the discount is equipped with 7 different programs and has a nice 4-liter basket to allow you to cook for several people at the same time. With promotions Amazon of the moment, you can make a succulent deal (it is appropriate to specify it) e take it home for just about € 79. Shipments are fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services.

An air fryer for a thousand recipes

Forget the name of this for a moment household appliance and imagine a kitchen ally that works really well and allows you to prepare meat, fish, desserts, vegetables, vegetables and even leavened baked goods.

Here, all this is possible with a device like this and it is thanks to the technology of 360 degree cooking. The same allows you to obtain exceptional cooking in less time than it would take for a similar result using a traditional oven. In fact, each corner of the food inserted receives uniform heat and can therefore be fully cooked in less time.

The result is a healthier dish, made with the addition of much less fat and with a nice saving in the bill. Plus, now, your new one air fryer take it home at an incredibly low price. From Amazon just about € 79 is enough for this model with a 4-liter basket and 7 different cooking programs. In addition, shipments are also absolutely fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services.

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