Mercedes, 2021 closes positively thanks to the electric and premium models

The Mercedes Group closes 2021 positively with a clear improvement compared to 2020. More specifically, the German Group achieved a turnover of 168 billion euros against 154.3 billion euros in 2020 and 172.7 billion euros in 2019. Ebit is amounted to 29.1 billion euros, while the adjusted one of 19.2 billion euros equal to + 105% compared to 2020.

Net profit it reached 23.4 billion euros. On the other hand, net profit excluding the result of the deconsolidation of commercial vehicles was 14.2 billion euros. Earnings per share were € 12.89, equal to an increase of 280% over 2020 (profit excluding the result of deconsolidation). The increase in sales of premium vehicles (+ 30%) and those of electric vehicles (64%) contributed to these interesting results.

2021 was a year of strategic progress for Mercedes-Benz. Three numbers illustrate how this transformation is taking place: High-end vehicle sales increased 30%, electric car sales increased 64%, and our Adjusted EBIT increased 105%. This is a strong demonstration of the potential of this brand and this team. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all of our colleagues who have made this excellent achievement possible.

For 2022the German group is confident despite the uncertainties caused by the chip crisis.

With a clear plan for this year, we are confident for 2022. Aside from the relentless focus on cost efficiency and supply chain management, our strategic priorities are: increase EV sales, accelerate our software plans for cars and growing sales in the luxury segment.

Following these results, the Mercedes Group has decided to pay out a dividend totaling 5.35 billion euros. In terms of new electric models, the arrival in 2022 of the Mercedes EQS SUV and EQE SUV. Regarding the chip crisis, Mercedes highlights how the situation is improving but that the supply has not yet stabilized and therefore further problems are possible over the course of the year.