Meta brings dark fashions, voice effects and games to Messenger Kids

Let’s face it, the idea of ​​letting the little ones use a messaging application, even if dedicated and supervised by parents, is certainly not one of the most attractive. Despite Half, you declare that Messenger Kids has more than 7 million users, There are various criticisms that have been leveled at the giant, especially by parents who fear that it could adversely affect their offspring. The application in question is receiving an update at this time, of which we discover together the details.


New features land on Messenger Kids

The first novelty introduced by Half in the Messenger Kids application is about the dark mode, one of the most requested features in every application in recent times. Although children don’t use Messenger Kids late at night (or at least hopefully they do) the introduction of dark mode can be useful for avoiding straining the eyes of your children: in fact, in certain light conditions, the view is affected more, as well as too high display brightness, is harmful. With the new update, it is, therefore, possible to activate or deactivate dark mode at will easily via the settings.

The second novelty concerns voice messages and is designed to make this experience more fun for children through God’s new vocal effects. The procedure for recording the message remains unchanged, as well as similar to any other messaging application, but at the time of sending it is possible to choose different effects to give to the voice: it is now possible to speak with the voice of a robot, a ghost, of a gorilla, of a mouse or even have an effect similar to that obtained by speaking in a shell. This feature is currently only available on iOS, but will soon be released on Android as well.

The latest news concerns the games, you know, any child holding a smartphone or tablet cannot resist the myriad of games available. With the introduction of the new function, it will no longer be necessary to leave the conversation to start a game with your friend on duty. A new “Play” button on the chat screen, by clicking on it you will be directly redirected to the games (chess, tic-tac-toe, Daily Doodle).

In conclusion, despite the efforts of Half to reassure parents, they are still many to look with suspicion these applications. Should you allow your children to use Messenger Kids we leave the badge for download below.

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