And after the Christmas tree, Twinkly also conquers the cellar! An extendable strip and a light tube to decorate and color your favorite environment. With the same care and customization of the LEDs seen on the tree positioned and mapped one by one. What do you think?

As I said before, I used the 1.5-meter “line” LED strip and the 2m “flex” light tube. Both come with controllers to connect them and make them truly smart, but let’s start with the strip.

“Line” It is long 1.5 meters and it cannot be cut, that is its only flaw. However, it can be expanded with an additional module of another meter and a half of which I liked the very small attachment that manages to hide the joint between the two.

The “flex” light tube instead creates a continuous light, thus without showing spaces between one LED and the other as in the strip, and being flexible we can have fun giving it the shape we like best, whether it is a drawing or writing.

Mating with the application it’s easy it’s very fast. Once the app is in search, just press a button on the controller, and in 20 seconds we will be connected both with the smartphone and with the home WiFi network. Too bad only for the fact that through the app they can be turned on and off only when connected to the same WiFi network. However, it will be sufficient to pair them with Alexa, Google, or HomeKit, and through them, we can also control them remotely.

As we had seen for the Christmas tree also in this case, despite having completely separate strips, once mapped with the smartphone camera we will be able to create plays of light synchronized or make them go as a single strip.

How much? In my opinion, not a lot. The light tube “Flex” from 2 meters costs Amazon around € 75/80. The strip “Line” from 1.5 meters instead € 79 plus possibly another 39 € for the additional meter and a half. I say not a lot because the level of customization quasi-led per lead is very high and this makes them extremely versatile. Obviously, consider them as mood lights, even at the most they certainly cannot generate a light capable of illuminating a room.


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