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The expectation is growing given the presentation event from Xiaomi scheduled for tomorrow 28 December. The Chinese company is preparing to unveil the new ones Xiaomi 12 and a long series of additional news, among which we will find the Mi Watch S1 and one new variant of the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro (or Mi Pad 5 Pro using the “old” name). In these hours, it is precisely the new version of the top-of-the-range tablet from Xiaomi that is at the center of the rumors with new information that anticipates the news that the company will present during tomorrow’s event. Here are all the details:

Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro: new version coming

There is a new variant of the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro arriving among the many new devices that the company will present during the event tomorrow, December 28, in China. In addition to the new top-of-the-range smartphones of the Xiaomi 12 series, an expansion of the range of the Xiaomi reference tablet is also planned. According to initial information, which appeared online in these hours, this new variant should almost entirely resume the technical sector of the versions currently on the market, however, offering more RAM.

The Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro range is preparing to record the debut of an anchor brand new Wi-Fi variant with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage which will join the versions with 6 GB of RAM and, respectively, 128 or 256 GB of storage memory. In China, an 8 GB RAM variant of the Xiaomi tablet already exists but is equipped with Wi-Fi + 4G / 5G support. The new version, therefore, will fill a gap in the range by allowing access to the 8 GB RAM tablet at a lower price thanks to the absence of 5G support.


It may seem trivial but a small price cut, in a highly competitive market like the Chinese one, can make a difference by guaranteeing a wider spread to the Xiaomi tablet. The news for the Pad 5 Pro will not be limited to the new 8/256 GB Wi-Fi-only configuration. There will be one on the way new color variant that may only be offered for certain combinations of RAM and tablet storage. Xiaomi should also present new accessories for the tablet starting with unprecedented cover keyboards, increasingly essential to maximize productivity in using the tablet.

Recall that all versions of the excellent Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro, including the new one arriving, can count on the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 flanked by an 11-inch diagonal display with LCD panel, resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, and refresh rate of 120 Hz. The battery is 8,600 mAh with fast charging support from 67 W. For all the details on the range of tablets from Xiaomi, the appointment is set for December 28th. A possible debut in Italy of the Xiaomi home tablet, which for now officially markets only the “non-Pro” variant, could take place at the beginning of next year.



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