the new peak of infections certifies the failure of the app

the peak of infections recorded in the last few days before Christmas certifies, once and for all, the Immune failure, now used almost exclusively to download the Green Pass. The application, born after the first wave of the pandemic to ensure better tracking of contacts with positive subjects, continues to be active but the number of users who use Immuni for tracking is really small. The data of December 24, the day in which about 50 thousand positive cases were recorded in Italy, certify its poor use of Immuno. Here are the details:

Only 725 reports on Immuno last December 24th

On December 24, despite the peak of cases recorded in the days before Christmas, a total of 725 cases of positivity. This is a real absolute record for the app which, however, continues to settle at very low values ​​in terms of use by Italians. Furthermore, these reports have just generated 1300 notifications with an average of just under 2 notifications sent to other users for each report by a positive user.

Immune, therefore, continues to work. The tracking guaranteed by the application is still active and continues to be a tool for keeping track of contacts. The small number of people who use the tracking makes Immuni an app completely useless and characterized by a minimal impact on the infection tracking system that the Authorities carry out separately. At the moment, there are no official plans to attempt to revive Immuni, despite the growing number of infections and the spread of the new (much more contagious) Omicron variant.

Record-breaking downloads for the app

Despite the low usage, Immuno recorded record numbers when it comes to downloads. The app, available on Android and iOS, recorded approx 18 million downloads. A significant percentage of Italians have downloaded Immuni on their smartphone at least once. There is no data on how many users use the tracking system today but the very few reports sent during the pre-Christmas period (about the number of infections) confirm the scarce use of the app.

The main use of Immuno in recent months has not been linked to contact tracing. The application can be used to download the Green Pass (even without Spid, required to login to the AP IO). Immuno has therefore become an app linked more to the Green Pass than to its original function. Contact tracking is still active, with the system continuing to send notifications. The small number of reports sent by users makes the app almost completely irrelevant for fighting the pandemic.

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