Nintendo bought a historic Japanese studio

We are only in the early months of the new year and we have already seen a series of acquisitions that have made the gaming sector tremble. First Microsoft that sinks the coup by buying Activision Blizzard and King en masse, and then Sony has responded by acquiring Bungie. To complete the trio only Nintendo was missingwhich in these hours seems to have made a very important acquisition.

The news comes directly from the GamesIndustry editorial staff, which confirms that Nintendo acquired SRD Co., a Japanese studio based in Tokyo and which will become one of the internal teams owned by the Kyoto company. At the moment no information has been published regarding the cost of this new acquisition, but we know that the agreement is expected to close on April 1, 2022.

The SRD studio is one of the most historic based in Tokyo, and has already in the past witnessed the programming and development of many Nintendo first party games since the NES generation, such as Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr, as well as iconic titles that have made the history of the video game as Super Mario Bros And The Legend of Zelda.

According to the report published on the pages of Gameindustry, the acquisition of SRD will ensure that Nintendo will draw on greater availability of development resources for future software of the giant based in Kyoto.

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