OnePlus prepares an event on the OxygenOS 13, still no Unified OS?

The near future of OnePlus is rather difficult to decipher: while the current top of the range OnePlus 10 Pro has not yet arrived in our part but in China, it uses the ColorOS, new smartphones are expected from the launch date already set (with Android 11 an edge) and back to talk about Unified the manufacturer announces a new event concerning the OxygenOS 13.

The announcement just arrived on the official forum of the Chinese manufacturer, invites you to circle the next date in red on February 28th, and can only arouse a mixture of curiosity and perplexity.

Online OEF: OxygenOS 13


OnePlus caters to its community. In the incipit, he recalls how the pandemic has changed our lifestyle and if on the one hand, he expresses regret that he has not yet been able to resume the offline format of the events, on the other, he points out how online events have made it possible to reach a wider audience.

The next appointment will be a classic Open Ears Forum (OEF) and this time it will focus on a much-anticipated topic: the OxygenOS 13. The event, as mentioned, will be held next February 28th (7:30 pm – 9:30 pm HKT, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm IST, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm CEST, 7:30 am – 9:30 am EST) and there will be time until February 18th to register.

The main purpose is to collect user feedback and the staff members who will take part will be Gary C. – OxygenOS Product Lead; ZENG XI – OxygenOS Design Lead; Oliver Z. – Product Manager – Gaming; Zach L. – OxygenOS Product Designer; Megan F. – OS Product Designer.

And Unified OS?

The announcement of OnePlus was met with some perplexity because since the merger with the OPPO development team there is nothing but talk of the next step and crucial moments had been set for 2022.

Net of the previous rumors about the name of the new OS, just a few days ago we talked about the launch of the Unified OS. On the other hand, it had been the same Pete Lauin a speech of September 2021, to confirm the unified operating system of OPPO and OnePlus called upon to combine their respective strengths – the speed and fluidity of the OxygenOS trademarks and the stability and richness of functions of the ColorOS – and entrusted to the guidance of Gary C., current OxygenOS Product Lead.

In that same venue, the image you see below was shared, which leaves little room for interpretation: the OnePlus 2022 flagship was indicated as the first to be launched with the new integrated OS, with the release of the “2022 Major Android Update” Associated with updating global OnePlus smartphones to the new integrated OS.

Now, however, OnePlus has practically let us know that it will still see the OxygenOS in its near future. At this point, it is difficult to be certain about what will happen: we could hypothesize that the manufacturer has used the title “OxygenOS 13” but intends to address a broader discussion on the future of the interface, or the update formally identified as OxygenOS 13 could be the first with the unified OS, but OPPO and OnePlus may have decided to still keep the names separate. At the moment these are mere hypotheses, but fortunately soon (hopefully) will be clarified.


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