Samsung Galaxy S22 proves robust in this video

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 series boasts a more rugged chassis called Armor Aluminum and fortunately this time around all three variants in the range are equipped with it.

PBK Reviews performed a Samsung Galaxy S22 teardown similar to those performed by JerryRigEverything and tested the robustness of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is surprisingly robust

The Samsung Galaxy S22 screen is protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus + and it withstood the scratch test with hardness level 8 and level 9 points on the Mohs scale well, while the back, which presumably uses the same glass, was scratched much more easily.

Samsung’s new flagship also proved to live up to its rank of IP68 waterproof surviving the submersion in water however the screen appears to be hypersensitive and registers ghost touches when underwater.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is sturdy enough and does not get scratched easily. The fingerprint sensor under the display also works well with scratches, moreover, the smartphone has very little flexibility, demonstrating the robustness of the new chassis, however, the use of a protective case is still recommended.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is not easy to take apart

Picking the smartphone to access the internal components required considerable heat to break the adhesive layer and lift the rear glass.

There is also a huge graphite sheet for heat dissipation between the battery and the backplate, as well as the wireless charging coil and NFC antenna.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 motherboard is held in place by nineteen screws and numerous connectors that hide a stacked PCB, a now common solution in high-end devices, however, no trace of water was visible despite the immersion.

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy S22 passes the robustness test with flying colors, but it is not recommended to try to open or repair it unless you have gained adequate professional experience. It doesn’t take much to spoil it 120 Hz AMOLED screen furthermore, the lack of tabs also makes battery replacement difficult.

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