OSOM OV1 coming this summer, is the smartphone for a “pure” Android experience

Many of you will remember Essentialthe company founded by the “dad” of Android Andy Rubin in 2015 and closed definitively in February 2020. Today, almost exactly two years after the liquidation, some former employees of Essential announce the exit of OSOM OV1a product that was born with the same vocation as Essential Phone and is presented as a unicum in the panorama of current smartphones.

Among the “essential” features of Essential – features that OSOM has made its own – there was a great attention to privacy, the interface very similar to that of Android stock and the ability to be repaired quite easily.

Recently, OSOM showed up LinkedIn the design of the new OV1, a balanced smartphone that still manages to amaze, in its simplicity. The most particular aesthetic detail is that of cameraa set of two lenses + flash placed in a triangular module.

OSOM OV1 shows up in four colorsSolar Yellow, Borealis Green, Twilight Blue And Dusk Purple -, but not necessarily all of them actually land on the market. The users’ favorite turns out to be Borealis Green: this is confirmed by a survey launched on LinkedIn on the official OSOM page (OSOM Products Inc.). In view of the result, the co-founder of the company Wolfgang W. Muller clarifies that OSOM OV1 could be marketed in this as in other variants (the survey, in short, was for indicative purposes only).

OSOM OV1 Solar Yellow, Borealis Green, Twilight Blue, Dusk Purple

The release of the smartphone is expected for next summer. At first it was rumored that OSOM OV1 would be launched in late February, perhaps as part of the Mobile World Congress 2022, but apparently the company has decided to change plans. It is not yet known in which one price range the OV1 will take place: we remember the “flop” of the Essential Phone, which from the starting $ 699.00 was forced to go down to $ 499.00, probably due to the distrust of users towards such a young brand and a not so effective marketing campaign.

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