PCI-E 5.0 SSD the first Samsung and 14 GB / s ADATA finally arrive

After a long wait, recently fueled by the presentation of the Intel Alder Lake-S platform, the debut of the first PCI-E 5.0 SSD it is getting closer and closer, both on the server and the consumer market. In this regard, CES 2022 could be the ideal launch showcase for producers who, led by the giant Samsung, seem ready with some interesting news for the first quarter of next year.

The Korean company announced today that it is officially ready with its first PCI-E 5.0 SSD intended for the server world, it is the Samsung PM1743 (PCI-E NVMe), a drive that apparently will be available with EDSFF form-factor and with the more classic 2.5″. According to the manufacturer, the development of this SSD has also seen the participation of Intel which, as mentioned at the beginning, is currently one of the companies that have pushed the most for the implementation of this standard, capable of doubling performance. compared to the previous generation.

The Samsung PM1743 uses a proprietary controller – not specified at the moment – paired with Samsung V-NAND memories sixth generation, a combination that can guarantee with the PCI-E 5.0 interface sequential read performance in the order of 13 GB / s, guaranteeing a peak of 6.6 GB / s in writing and up to 2.5 million IOPS in random reads (250,000 IOPS in write). Available in denominations from 1.92 TB up to 15.36TB, this SSD also offers a marked improvement in efficiency, quantified by the manufacturer in a + 30% compared to the previous generation.

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