Pokémon Legends Arceus has a dream bug for speedrunners

It’s been almost exactly one month since the launch of Arceus Pokémon Legends: the most recent iteration of the highest-paying franchise in the world, and while fans are still intent on exploring the new region of Hisui, The Pokémon Company is preparing a whole series of events and news related to Pokémon Day: the celebration day to be held between not many days, more precisely next February 27th.

Exploring far and wide the new region set in Sinnoh’s past, there are those who have stumbled upon a curious bug to say the least. This glitch affects a specific Pokémon and is quickly making the rounds of the web, not only because of its weirdness but also because it would be a very profitable bug and useful for speedrunners of Pokémon Legends Arceus.

In a nutshell, the bug in question allows the Pokémon Basculegion to be sent directly to the sky complete with a trainer. As shown by one player on Reddit, the glitch would require players to ride Basculegion to a specific area of ​​the game shown in the clip within seconds, and double jump out of the water. Having done these simple steps you should be able to fly around the map in a rideable water Pokémon.

Tried to double jump on Basculegion and this happened… from pokemon

The popularity of this glitch has already exploded on the web, and according to various user reports, the Basculegion is not always able to take flight, but when it happens, this trick can be used to move quickly around the map.

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