Problems with some sensors for Pixel 6 and Pro

The headaches for new ones continue Google Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro (although for us they are smartphones to consider) with new problems related to sensors, making them probably the most problematic Pixels ever.

Gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass do not work on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Some Pixel 6 units, according to some reports on Reddit And the Google support forum, randomly stop reading the data of some sensors, thus making it impossible to use some functions such as automatic rotation and horizontal images. Users who have reported the problem explain that features, like auto-rotation and auto horizontal images, stop working at random and don’t know why.

Colleagues from Android Police, did a test with their units in the editorial office using the app Sensor test and, found, that the sensors do not return any data. Being the gyroscope, the accelerometer, And the compass fundamentals, make everyday functions like automatic rotation And images horizontally. Also, maps become unusable because, with the compass out of order, the application is unable to show the direction in which you are going.

The cause is not entirely clear, but it would appear that the problem has gone away after updating with the December patches, even if we do not have reliable data. Taking into account, however, that the latest update has brought connectivity problems, it would not be impossible that he is the culprit. The other sensors, on the other hand, such as the one for brightness, proximity, and magnetism, work very well.

If you are plagued by this problem know that there is a temporary solution, which is restarting the device. This solution, albeit temporary, can avoid momentary headaches waiting for Google to solve with a fix (maybe with the January patches?).

Still no Netflix in HD

Another problem still present, however, Google’s promise of a fix in April, is the impossibility for some Pixel smartphone owners, from playing HD content on Netflix. This is caused by the fact that the Widevine DRM level has been downgraded to L3. This means that the contents of the platform will be reproduced to a maximum of 540p. Although the American giant has recognized the problem, eight months have passed and a fix has not yet been seen and, considering that devices like Pixel 3 are missing only one update, the situation becomes very serious.

The reports continue to flock, even on Reddit, with users complaining that not even updating to Android 12 was able to fix the problem. Since Google had said ad Android Police was working on a solution, many users, despite not being given a timeline, were hoping their phones would get a fix soon, but after eight months it doesn’t.

The Pixels, like most Google-certified top-of-the-range smartphones, support Widevine L1 in combination with other DRM methods while, in the case of modified or non-certified phones, they can only support L2 or L3. This means that Big G’s smartphones are certified for viewing in HD (and HDR) on Netflix, but cannot enjoy it due to an issue that arose earlier this year, and the cause of which is unknown. There have been cases of other devices, such as Xiaomi Mi Pad 5, which still presents problems for different users and, even in this case, there seems to be no DIY solution.

If you are the owner of a third-generation or higher Pixel smartphone, but also of any other Android device and want to check, you can check your DRM level using this app.

And are you afflicted with the problem? Let us know in the comment box.

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