PUBG Mobile, with the update 1.8 comes Spider-Man

Spider-Man is fresh from theatrical success with his latest film No Way Home, and now he lands in PUBG Mobile as part of Update 1.8. It will be available until February 14th in an exclusive Spider-Man-themed mode in which you will collaborate with the Marvel superhero-facing monsters and bosses to get valuable rewards including the Web Shooter and the Spiderweb Ball, a grenade of cobwebs.

To access the new mode it is necessary to select the classic mode and set the map to Erangel – Spider-Man and/or Livik – Spider-Man, the latter active from January 15th.

In addition to the Spider-Man debut, Update 1.8 also introduces classic mode the AfterMath map, a new battlefield featuring bombs and volcanic eruptions.

Among the other innovations are worth mentioning several improvements in mode selection, adding a new in-game store, and the introduction of new game mechanics among which the Recall Towers stands out. Update 1.8 then brings various balance fixes, in addition to the usual removal of some known bugs. The complete changelog is available on the PUBG Mobile official website (link in SOURCE).

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