RadioShack launches into the crypto market. Goal to make them mainstream

Cryptocurrency is a very young and current phenomenon, which, also due to its high technological content, is unlikely to spread widely among the older generations. Unless someone does it specifically, with a dedicated project. And it is RadioShack to want to try: the brand announced this week the RadioShack Defi project (an acronym whose meaning should be known by now, but repeating it once more doesn’t hurt: Decentralized Finance). In concrete terms, it is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell new RADIO tokens. In short, an alternative to solutions such as Coinbase.

RadioShack is one of the oldest electronics chains in the United States; as it is easy to guess from the name, it was born right at the dawn of the radio amateurs phenomenon, Exactly 100 years ago, and then it has expanded and evolved over the decades hand in hand with the tech world. After the peak of popularity in the 80s and 90s, the last period was in sharp decline, also due to the advent of e-commerce (Amazon, for example); in the last 5 years alone it has filed for bankruptcy twice. Last year the new owners decided to relaunch the brand focusing mainly on the online business.

RadioShack claims to be “the only brand” capable of making cryptocurrency mainstream: being a historic brand, it is in a position of absolute advantage to convince older CEOs to adopt digital currency. Too many players have so far focused more on speculation than anything else, the company notes, without trying to create an environment that allows potential “old school” customers to feel at ease. The reasoning is supported by a very important fact: the average age of a CEO is 68 years.

In this initial phase, therefore, the main objective is to convince other companies to collaborate, even simply acting as an intermediary for their projects: RadioShack specifically mentions Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, and Louis Vuitton, but for now, there are no other official details. In any case, the RADIO token is not yet available, and we do not have a precise date of availability. There is a waiting list, which you can find by following the VIA link here at the bottom of the article; following SOURCE, however, you will find the official technical documentation with all the in-depth details of the project.

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