Samsung Galaxy A23, for the first rumor it could be the last without 5G

Six months after the debut of Galaxy A22 – which seemed destined to arrive in Italy only to desert the appointment in our country, at least until now -, Samsung is already working on its successor. It will be called – intuitively following the progression – Galaxy A23, and from the Netherlands, where the Galaxy A22 has been marketed in both LTE and 5G variants, the first rumors begin to surface.

By virtue of which it seems that Samsung is willing once again to offer the low-mid-range smartphone in two versions, one with only 4G LTE connectivity that will wink at those who first of all want to spend as little as possible, the other economic but still ready to embrace the future of connectivity on the move. According to, Galaxy A23 and Galaxy A13 might as well be Samsung’s latest products that will allow you to take home a smartphone without 5G connectivity.

The Technical specifications currently collected on Galaxy A23 – and it is understandable since it is the first rumor – are not many. Indeed, apart from 5G, they concern only one camera principal rear, which seems to be going from the current 48 to 50 megapixels. An increase in resolution in some ways is laughable, but which can be read as an important clue that in the generational transition, Samsung’s mid-range smartphone can gain a new sensor.

A sensor that the Galaxy A23 will in all likelihood share with the Galaxy A13, and that at least in terms of resolution will make you feel more similar to Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 +, which, however – but it is obvious – will have sensors of another caliber. Galaxy A23 may have the same battery as the predecessor from 5,000 mAh, which in light of the hardware predictably not thirsty for energy should ensure autonomy more than adhering to the needs of many.

To say when Samsung Galaxy A23 will gain the market, at present it is impossible. The only certain aspect is that it will not arrive by 2021, which is now winding down and the chip crisis is making life difficult for all smartphone manufacturers, who, having to make choices, tend to give priority to products. high and medium-high range – but the uncertainty linked to the availability of components will probably keep us “company” for the whole of 2022.

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