Samsung Galaxy S22, here are the hopes of the manufacturer

The smartphone market has suffered a severe blow due to the economic crisis generated by the Coronavirus pandemic and also Samsungwhich a couple of days ago officially presented the series Samsung Galaxy S22it seems to have no too high expectations regarding its new flagship phones.

According to what is reported by The Electhe Korean giant plans to produce components that are sufficient to make 30 million models of Samsung Galaxy S22 (20% more than Samsung Galaxy S21), which is a quantity that should allow the company to have enough stocks to achieve the goal it has set for this series of devices and that is to achieve share 20 million units sold.

Here is how many Samsung Galaxy S22 will be made

Specifically, Samsung would have decided to produce components to make 12 million of Samsung Galaxy S22, 8 million units of the “Plus” version e 10 million of units of the “Ultra” variant (undoubtedly the most interesting, as well as the most expensive).

It seems that in September, during the design stages of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the manufacturer had decided to make enough components to produce 20 million units, and only recently would it have chosen to increase its shipping target, as it expects the market global smartphone recovers its growth rate in 2022 compared to last year.

In essence, the Korean giant has ambitious plans for its new flagship series and has high hopes in the Ultra variant (especially for the S Pen support, which could win many fans of the Galaxy Note series) but does not think it will be able to do better than the series Samsung Galaxy S10 (launched in 2019), which exceeded 30 million units sold (like previous generations, for that matter).

In essence, the effects of the economic crisis have not yet passed.

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