Samsung patches up the lack of the microSD slot on the new Galaxy S22

The new top range of the house Samsungor i Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + And Galaxy S22 Ultrahave marked a break compared to the past: the Korean manufacturer has in fact decided not to insert the slot for memory expansion via card microSDas it had done so far on its top range.

Samsung itself takes care of it, which has presented new memories (for the most nostalgic, it is pen drives) that can be easily attached to smartphones as they are equipped with a type-C connector. The memories are obviously also compatible with tablets, notebooks or desktop computers with type-C input, to facilitate the movement of files from one device to another.

There are three memory cuts available

These new branded pen drives Samsung come in three memory cuts: 64 GB (MUF-64DA), 128 GB (MUF-18DA) and 256 GB (MUF-256DA). All three are equipped with memories NAND flash Of Samsung and connectivity USB 3.2 Gen1 (backward compatible with USB 2.0).

The company promises sequential write speeds of up to 400 MB / s for these new memories, capable of moving hundreds of images or videos in 4K / 8K in a few seconds.

Another distinguishing feature of these new memoirs is the compactness: these are devices with an extremely low weight (3.4 g) measuring 33.7 × 15.9 × 6.4 mm. In addition, they enjoy water resistance, shock protection, resistance to demanding temperatures, resistance to magnetic fields and X-rays – all these features help to keep saved data safe.

Samsung also offers one 5 year warranty for these new storage devices.

How much do they cost and when do they arrive?

Samsung has not yet announced the launch prices for these new USB type-C pen drives. It is plausible to think that they will be put on sale shortly anyway.

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