Samsung’s new foldable smartphones are selling like hot cakes

Pre-orders for Samsung’s new foldable smartphones have exceeded expectations by improving sales over previous models, but apparently, the trend continues to grow.

The South Korean giant claims that in the first month of sales alone it shipped more of these new foldable smartphones than all those sold in 2020 and that it quadrupled the number of units sold on an annual basis.

Samsung’s new foldable smartphones are selling like hot cakes

Samsung points out that the four-fold growth in sales volumes of its foldable devices in some ways exceeds the expectations of some analysts who had estimated three-fold growth for the entire industry market in 2021.

The entire foldable smartphone market may have grown faster than expected, as well as Samsung’s market share, which is the largest in any case.

Analyst estimates for Samsung’s direct market share in the foldable device industry range from 85% to 93% for the year ahead, yet the company holds 95% of the foldable display market.

Early sales metrics for carriers in South Korea were also indicators that interest in foldable devices is growing. The numbers aren’t statistically accurate yet, but it remains a fact that Samsung’s new foldable smartphones are selling like hotcakes.

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