Scooters, how to park correctly thanks to Voi’s Parking Assistant

One of the criticisms addressed to the phenomenon sharing of electric scooters concerns the “wild stop”, which is the tendency of some people to leave their scooters where they happen, often in inappropriate places, at the end of the rental. You Technology company that offers a sharing service within the city of Milan, is fighting against this phenomenon by using the Parking Assistant function thanks to which Milanese users are progressively improving the way they park their electric scooter.

The company says that the Parking Assistant function was created to help users to learn the new rules of the Highway Code practically, mainly in terms of parking scooters, which since last November can no longer park on the sidewalks but only in the specific dedicated areas. Here’s how it works:


    • The user is asked to take a picture of how he parked the scooter


    • Each photograph is analyzed by a parking expert. If the car park complies with the new rules, the user will normally continue to use the Voi Technology sharing service. If, on the contrary, the parking does not comply with the rules, the user will receive an email containing a short guide on how to park the scooter correctly with a note that, at the third wrong parking lot, he will receive a financial penalty.


    • At the third non-compliant parking, the user will be sanctioned with a deduction of 5 euros from your credit card


As the company reported, this solution has made it possible to improve how the Milanese park their electric scooters at the end of the rental. According to what was said, after sending the first email only 4% of users parked incorrectly again, and after sending the second notice only 3% were sanctioned. The use of Parking Assistant in 3 months has parking performance of Milanese users improved by 15.7%passing from 70% to 81% of parking spaces in order.

The Parking Assistant function integrates another road education service offered by the company. It is about RideLikeVoila, a sort of “digital school” for digital road safety certified by Vias Institute, the Euro-Belgian research center for road safety. Every new user of Voi has an incentive to follow and finish the road safety course, which also includes a chapter on the rules of good parking, receiving a credit of 5 euros after completing the course.

Finally, we remind you that Voi Technology has introduced the model of Voyager scooter 4 equipped with a double kickstand for greater vehicle stability once parked and front and rear directional arrows.

Voi Technology reminds its users how to properly park electric scooters especially following the new regulation on the use of these vehicles for electric micro-mobility.


    • Parking on the sidewalk is always prohibited. Even parking near the wall of a building, or an access door to a house or shop, is subject to police penalties.


    • Parking is always allowed in the racks and in the parking areas for bicycles and / or mopeds.


    • In any case, it is common sense to ensure that you never obstruct pedestrians and never block roads and pedestrian crossings, access points to homes, shops or driveways and public transport stops.


    • Following the map of the Voi app, the areas marked in blue and green indicate where it is possible to park.


    • It is good practice to always use the kickstand, to leave the scooter upright and therefore not in the way for other pedestrians, especially for strollers and wheelchairs.