Tesla Cybertruck, the first XXL Superchargers arrive

It’s been several years now since Elon Musk went up on stage and broke through the shatterproof glass of the Tesla Cybertruck with stones, but to date we have not yet had the opportunity to see a Cybertruck on our roads – and not even on the American ones; despite all these negative aspects, however, Tesla continues to work with his head down on the Cybertruck project and the new Supercharger charging stations that will see the light soon.

One of these is already under construction, and is located in Santa Monicain California: in the past Elon Musk had talked specifically about this charging station, which should have been equipped with a drive-in and one hot table in full American style in order to make the stop more pleasant for those who have to wait for their car to recharge. None of this, the Santa Monica station will be a normal parking lot equipped with wells 36 Tesla Supercharger V3 charging stationsbut a particularly interesting detail has not escaped the attentive eyes of those who went to peek at the works: some of the charging points have aparking area obviously larger than the others – the difference is well 90cm in widthgoing from 2.7 to 3.6 meters.

Now the question arises: which of the Tesla vehicles could benefit from a larger parking space when charging? Without a doubt, the first candidate is the Tesla Cybertruckcolossal pick-up almost 6 meters long and 2 meters wide (at least in its prototype version), expected on the market in 2023.

And Elon Musk’s dream of a 1950s-style charging station? It is certainly not forgotten, the Tesla CEO has simply changed his focus, and is aiming to build this interesting charging hub in a new location in the area of Hollywood. To deceive the wait at the Santa Monica charging station, you can buy a snack from the automatic machines present, which will also accept payments in Dogecoin.