The Batman: Matt Reeves explains his approach to the Bat figure

The wait for The Batman, the new film dedicated to the myth of the Dark Knight, is almost over, with the film arriving in Italian cinemas on March 3rd. During the promotion of the film, director Matt Reeves did not fail to reveal what his vision of the figure of the Dark Knight was, especially by rethinking how this film will move away from a certain cinematic tradition of the character. The reason why it was important for Matt Reeves to explain his radical approach to The Batman.

Matt Reeves explains his approach to The Batman

An essential part of The Batman was recreate the strong emotional connotation of the characteran aspect on which Matt Reeves has worked focusing on the creation that remaining faithful to the spirit of the comics of the Dark Knight could still tell a new story, an objective achieved by working synergistically with the actors, such as Zoe Kravitz (Selina Kyle):

“I knew that Zoe had a strong passion for her character. To me she was such an exciting one. There were moments literally from the comic, where she was like ‘Oh my God, if we could do this scene’. There was material from Batman: Year One… some of those passages that have become my favorite moments in the film “

Matt Reeves’ approach a The Batman led the director also to reason on the presence of an origin story of the Bat. Despite having made a story dedicated to a young Dark Knight, Reeves wanted to break free from the tradition of telling the character’s origin story:

“I never wanted to tell an origin story. I knew I wanted to tell a story that enhances Batman’s investigative side, because we haven’t seen him and it’s the basis of his story. When I started thinking about it, the centrality of Batman was important to me… often, when he becomes Batman, Bruce doesn’t matter anymore, as an individual. You can have big enemies coming into the picture, Batman comes and faces them. I wanted to make a Batman story, where he was still a novice, where he had to evolve. I wanted to make a story based on the investigation of this precise mystery that will lead him on a personal level and hit him hard “

The Batman will arrive in Italian cinemas on March 3rd.