The Batman: will we see Superman in Reeves’ Bat-vers?

The Batman, the new film dedicated to the Dark Knight to be released on March 3, was conceived by Matt Reeves as the starting point for a new Bat-Verse. We already know that on HBO Max what is told will be expanded in television series, including one dedicated to the Penguin, but it is not easy to think of the Bat without wondering if the Gotham Crusader will ever cross the path of a certain Kryptonian. Interesting question, which the star of The BatmanRobert Pattinson, who has an idea about Superman’s presence in the Bat-verse.

The intricacies of putting Superman in The Batman according to Robert Pattinson

A legitimate question, considering that within the prequel novel of The Batman, Before The Batman: An Original Movie Novel, Lex Luthor, the nemesis par excellence of the Man of Steel, is openly mentioned. Regarding the presence of Superman in the Batman, Robert Pattinson clearly expressed his position during an interview with

“I love the idea of ​​imagining how we could do it. We talked a lot about how to insert fantastic elements into Matt Reeves’ world, considering how we have a very earthly point of view, and I found myself thinking ‘How do we add that…?’. For example, the other day we were talking about it and wondering if we could add Superman, maybe without giving him powers by just showing a guy in the cape. Like ‘Hey, I’m Superman’, and then Zoe could have answered ‘So what?’, Going on to say that the worlds of Batma and Superman are not reconcilable “

From Matt Reeves’ first claims, it was clear that The Batman was not going to be placed within the DCEU’s main narrative line.

On the other hand, Reeves himself has specified that his intention is to create a Bat-verse, in which to give life to a context in which other characters of the myth of the Dark Knight are deepened:

“What we’re really trying to accomplish is to bring a new world to life. If we are understood, we have many ideas for the things we would like to do “

The Batman will arrive in Italian cinemas on March 3rd.