The Christmas version of the White House opens its doors to Street View

With the pandemic still forcing us to review our travel plans – or at least resize them on a more regional scale – Google Street View takes us out of the house at least with the imagination, waiting for better times. Why not make one then a nice visit to the White House, strolling through the elegant interiors of the residence of the President of the United States?

No, it’s not new: the White House has been on Street View for nearly ten years – when the tenants were Barack Obama and Madam – but now we can peek through the rooms decorated for Christmas. Let’s say from the point of view purely cultural nothing changes, instead the atmosphere of the house changes, which becomes at this time of year warmer and more welcoming.

In short, now we have no more excuses: we can peek inside President Biden’s residence, a bit for our innate nature of curious, a bit to fantasize with the imagination relying on the virtual world waiting to be able to return to visit the real world, even warmer and more welcoming than the one shown by Street View.

Let’s settle for the moment of the tour digital of the decorated rooms of the White House: after all, it was the First Lady Jill Biden who wanted to open the doors of the residence in her Christmas dress to all those who wished, even if only virtually on Street View, Instagram and other platforms – after all, it would be difficult to think otherwise, both for logistical reasons and for the safety of the tenants.

There is also another way to enter the White House: it’s called Holidays at the White Honse Experience¬†and allows you to take a look at the festively decorated rooms, each decorated “to reflect the gifts of the heart that unite us all“: faith, community, family, friendship, learning, nature, gratitude, service, peace, unity, the arts. If you want to have a look, by clicking on the link in SOURCE you will have access to the short tour.

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