The King’s Man – The origins, our meeting with the cast

The King’s Man – The origins is available from today on Disney Plus for all subscribers at no additional cost.

The King’s Man – The Originsnew chapter in the saga directed by Matthew Vaughn is about to hit theaters with a prequel that tells the genesis of the very special independent secret service agency Kingsman. On the occasion of the promotion of the film, we attended the press conference organized by Disney who will distribute the film in Italy.

The King’s Man – The origins, our meeting with the cast

Live streaming Matthew Vaughn and the rest of the cast talked about their various personal experiences and difficulties in portraying their characters during the filming of the film. Together with the director they were present Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou, Tom Hollander, Rhys Ifans, Matthew Goode, Harris Dickinson And Daniel Brühl.

Ralph Fiennesspeaking of the protagonist Orlando Oxford said:

It was a big chance, he’s an almost ferociously pacifist man ever since he lost his wife, raised his son with the help of Polly (Gemma Artenton). But after the events happen in the film, there are times when he has to take up arms. And he, with the role of him, has a moment of total change in the film he says to the spectators “I am this I will not change” and then instead “ah I have to change”. When I read this in the script it really intrigued me!

Gemma Artentonwho plays Polly the nanny of the Oxford family, a strong woman in a world dominated by men, spoke about her inspirations for her character:

Yes, it is a World War I context and therefore a suffragette setting, but I was inspired by the women who served in the Second World War the “code crackers” (the ones who cracked the codes) who were absurd women behind the scene. I was inspired by the women I grew up with, very concrete and solid hard workers. I enjoyed playing her, she’s a serious woman, but that flicker in her eyes so …


Spectacular fights

One of the main villains of the film is Grigorij Rasputinthe mad monk private advisor to the family Romanovplayed by Rhys Ifans:

Well obviously I was aware of the Rasputin figure, And he was quite familiar to me, he is someone I was slightly interested in, you know since school days when you study WWI, you know there is always this Rasputin figure that was more mystical than real even in a history lesson.
He’s always intrigued me, he looks this good. Rasputin’s first photographs, the very early use of cameras, looked like someone who was already aware of the impact that the very image of him could have in the photo. he really looks through you. So yes, he always intrigued me because he was a mystic a healer, this kind of performative elements for him as a person. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the sense that he was able to come from a deeply impoverished education and work his way through Russian high society, a position of great power. Power to initiate and end de facto wars. It’s a good story and he has always intrigued me. And then there is the look that long hair, the beard.


Rasputin himself is the protagonist together with Ser Oxford in one of the most beautiful fighting scenes of recent years, which combines dance, sword and martial arts that has involved a lot Ralph Fiennes:

I’ve had a couple of failed attempts. I have always loved fictional fights, and I got to do some of them in the theater especially in the works of Shakespeare, then I didn’t have much chance to do more, until now at the end of this film my character the Duke of Oxford he is forced to defend himself in an extended fencing scene. There is a little boy in me who truly loves a good sword fight. All that Robin Hood stuff with Errol Finn, and if you look at the actors in those 1930s-1940s movies, they must have done a lot of fencing, they’re amazing! there is a great fight between Basil Rathbone and Tyron Power… But I also have to acknowledge the ability of the stunts that make us look good.


In The King’s Man The Origins, we will witness the events that led to the birth of the independent intelligence agency we met in the two previous chapters Kingsman – Secret Agents And Kingsman – The Golden Circle. Set during the First World War, a group of men loyal to the crown will face the plans to conquer the most dangerous criminal minds and evil tyrants in the history of mankind.


The King’s Man – The Origins will arrive in Italian cinemas on January 5, 2022, here is the official trailer:

The Kingsman film trilogy is based on the comic book miniseries The Secret Service ( which you find available on Amazon) written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Dave Gibbons.