The solar eclipse of December 4th will be the last of 2021 | Timetables and how to see it

Tomorrow 4 December a total solar eclipse will occur on our planet, a pity only that we will be able to see it in person in very few areas and among these, Italy is not present. To begin with, we will have to be in the southern hemisphere to experience at least the spectacle of the partial eclipse, and specifically in some areas of Sant’Elena, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands, Crozet Islands, Falkland Islands, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. The times will also not be the best and in most cases, the event will take place at sunrise or sunset, depending on the area.

And what about the total eclipse? Only in Antarctica will it be visible, and it is from here that we will be able to enjoy the event thanks to a live broadcast from NASA. We will not be able to attend in person but, weather permitting, their life will start tomorrow morning at 07.30 according to our time zone, weather permitting of course.

For the uninitiated, the phenomenon known as a total solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, casting a shadow on the earth and completely or partially blocking the sun’s light in some areas. For a total solar eclipse to take place, the Sun, Moon and Earth must be in a straight line. People who are in the centre of the moon’s shadow when it hits Earth will see a total eclipse. During the phenomenon, the sky becomes very dark, as if it were sunrise or sunset. Time permitting, people in the path of a total solar eclipse can see the sun’s corona, which is otherwise obscured by the bright face of the sun.

During tomorrow’s live event the phenomenon of the total eclipse will be visible at 8.44, a more comfortable time considering the weekend. For those interested in the live event from Union Glacier In Antarctica, it will be visible on NASA Live TV. We leave you the link to the NASA channel at the end.

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