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A few days ago we told you about all the changes that Microsoft was going to add soon to Windows 11, changes which have been in the program for insiders for a long time and that little by little they will land all users running the latest Microsoft operating system.

Recently the company has ensured that the first major update for Windows 11 has already been released to users, changes that will progressively reach the whole world. This causes Windows 11 to reach build version 22000.526.

Windows 11 improves step by step

Android apps on Windows 11 (US only)

While we’ve been talking about every improvement in Windows 11 for the past few weeks, now they’re finally available to everyone outside of the insider and preview program. The first great novelty is the Amazon application store, which makes Android apps compatible with Windows 11. Although at the moment the list is not very long, it is a first step for users. However, this functionality will be exclusive to the United States for the time being. We at Genbeta have already discussed how to run Android apps on Windows 11 through the Android subsystem, in case you are in a hurry to try out such a feature.

Taskbar improvements

The taskbar also has several improvements. The first one has to do with the widget that offers us weather information. And it is that it will no longer be necessary to open the widget window to see this information, since we can see it directly from the taskbar. Also, if we leave the mouse on this bar icon, the widget window will appear.

Microsoft Teams is also more integrated into Windows 11, and now in the taskbar we will have an icon to mute and activate the microphone when we are on call in said application. This will allow us to interact with the app more quickly and efficiently in case we are in another window.

My Windows 11 experience gets so bad with every update that I start to consider going back to Windows 10

And while this did not affect everyone, we must say that it was quite annoying. We talked about the impossibility of seeing the date and time on the second monitor that we had connected to the system. This has been fixed, and now this information will appear correctly. And it is that for those moments in which we have a full screen application on our main monitor, being able to see the date and time on the other monitor was something basic.

Redesign in Notepad and Player


Windows 11 focuses on the redesign of its interface and applications, although it is something to which it has been progressively solving. Now it’s the turn of the Notepad app and the Player, which they arrive with a new design and dark mode to adapt to the new Windows 11 interface. This is Microsoft’s final goodbye to Groove Music, a player that didn’t end up convincing users.

Date and availability

Except for compatibility with Android apps through the Amazon AppStore, something that will only come to the United States at the moment, the rest is already available to everyone and will gradually reach all systems. All these new features have also been accompanied by various bug fixes and problems that occurred in Windows 11. You can see all these improvements through this link.

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