AMD has named Lisa Su as chairman of the board of directors along with other appointments

by Juan Antonio Soto

More than a year after the announcement of your purchase, AMD has completed the purchase of Xilinx for 30,000 million dollars. Fruit of this purchase have been announced new appointments on the board of directors of AMD where Lisa Suthe current president and CEO of AMD has become chairwoman of the board and John E. Caldwell Lead Independent Director. John E. Caldwell has been president since 2016 and joined the board of directors in 2006. AMD has announced that other Xilinx members have joined the board of directorsJon Olson and Elizabeth Vanderslice as a result of the closing of the Xilinx purchase.

Geeknetic AMD has named Lisa Su as chairman of the board of directors along with 1 other appointments

With Lisa Su at the helm of the board of directors, AMD will be able to offer a more defined path for the company while offering greater value to shareholders. Lisa has managed to diversify AMD products by offering a wide variety and achieving leading growth. Now you want to convert to AMD named adaptive computing leader with the help of this recent acquisition.

The new directors from Xilinx have a great experience in this type of positions. Jon Olson has been Xilinx’s CFO since 2005 and Elizabeth Vanderslice has been on the Xilinx board since 2000.

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Article Writer: Juan Antonio Soto

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