VideoLAN not only succeeds with VLC, check out these other programs

If at first you hear about the VideoLAN software development firm, it may not be as familiar to you as others of greater significance. However, we must bear in mind that here we find the developers of one of the most used programs, such as VLC.

More than likely most of you are familiar with this powerful Media player. The reason for this is that many users regularly install and run this application on both their desktop and mobile devices. In fact, we can also run it on video game consoles and other technological devices. This fame has been earned thanks to the stability and reliability that it offers us, together with all the functions that its developers make available to us.

To all this we add that the VLC multimedia software has support for the vast majority of current multimedia file formats. Here elements such as our videos, or music files, for example, come into play. Due to everything that has been said, from now on when we hear about the VideoLAN software company, we will already know that it is part of our lives. It is true that we have the possibility to choose from a multitude of titles of this type, but most users opt for the one mentioned above.

At this point it may also be interesting to know other software projects in which this company is embarked. There is no doubt that they do not have the importance or market penetration of the aforementioned multimedia player, but it may not hurt to try one of them. Precisely for this reason is why we will talk about other VideoLAN programs.

Other programs from VideoLAN, the developer of VLC

Due especially to the great work that the developers of this firm did with the aforementioned player, it is worth knowing the rest of its software products. Next, we will talk about them so that you can get an idea of ​​​​their usefulness. It is worth mentioning that, as is the case with VLC, the rest of the solutions are also focused on this type of content in particular.

  • VLMC: First of all, we come across VideoLAN Movie Creator, a non-linear editing software for video creation based on libVLC. We must bear in mind that the firm makes the source code of the application available to us, which we can use in projects based on Windows, Linux or macOS. Furthermore, it is free software distributed as GPLv2 and it is a growing project.
  • DVBlast: another free software under GPLv2 license of VideoLAN can be found here. It is an application for the live transmission of content. It is characterized by being very simple as well as powerful. Through it we can MPEG-2/TS content streaming. It has support for CAM menus through an external application and IPv6 network.
  • Multicat: this is a set of tools designed to efficiently work transport flows MPEG-2. It is characterized by consuming minimal RAM and CPU. It is compatible with Linux, FreeBSD and macOS systems.
  • x264: We must also know x264 from VideoLAN. Here we find a library of free software as well as an application for encode H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video.