Trust provides professional equipment to DUX Gaming

Trust bet on eSports. The company has confirmed that will provide equipment to the DUX Base, the high-performance training center of the Spanish eSports champion team, Dux Gaming. On the occasion of the inauguration of this training and content creation center, Trust has provided the team with a series of professional performance products belonging to the Trust GXT range and which consist of a selection of tables GXT 711chairs GXT 707Bheadphones GXT 414 Zamakmechanical keyboards GXT 863 Mazzmice GXT 950 Idon and mats GXT 764 Glide -Flex XXLso that players have all the necessary material to achieve the best performance in competitions.

Trust provides professional equipment to DUX Gaming

A clear commitment by the firm, given the progress of eSports in countries like Spain.

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eSports are a thriving sector in Spain. According to data from the Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI), Spain is the leading country in Europe in eSports viewers, with almost 3 million viewers who move a national market of 35 million euros, and already has important local events such as the Gamergy or DreamHack, which attract thousands of spectators with their competitions.

DUX Gaming is one of the leading teams on the Spanish eSports scene. Born in 2018 and entirely dedicated to sports-themed video games, such as FIFA, NBA 2K and racing games, DUX Gaming has just opened the DUX Base, a high-performance training center in Madrid, from where the content is also created. of the team for their social networks and fans. The Trust-provided equipment, all of which is professional quality and suitable for elite performance, will help the team make the most of their talent and personal branding.

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Trust seeks to support this sector in this way, as well as to support a team that is advancing at a high level and is already a benchmark in this field. The fact that this team has access to these accessories and chairs or tables is something that will make carrying out their activity much more comfortable.