This selfie from Mars consisting of 81 photos, the dizzying result!

If the scientific campaign of Perseverance continues successfully and will soon bring the rover to visit the ancient river delta of the Jezero crater, we must not forget that at 2,300 km away the Curiosity rover is in excellent health and continues to return countless data and splendid images. . Among the most recent ones shared by NASA, a selfie deserves particular attention that to define “dizzying” is not enough.

The incredible wide-angle perspective given by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), the unit positioned at the end of the robotic arm, is the result of a skilful collage of 81 single images and the final result is very unique. The header image is the second cropped version, but if we look at the original version it almost looks like Mars is spinning around the rover. Here it is to follow.

This is a recent capture, dated November 20, 2021. For some spatial reference, behind Curiosity, we can see on the right the hill nicknamed Rafael Navarro Mountain, while the rocky structure behind the rover is called Greenheugh Pediment. At present Curiosity is heading for the area called Maria Gordon Notch, that is, that opening in the shape of a “U” between two rock formations, visible at the bottom left.

But if you are a lover of breathtaking Martian panoramas, you absolutely cannot miss the shot of November 16, perhaps one of the most beautiful ever from the red planet.

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