Very Mobile proposes its Very Xmas offer in winback mode with SMS

Very Mobile is ready to win back old customers thanks to a new SMS win back that aims to return to the arms of the virtual operator of WindTre customers now with other operators. In recent days we have talked to you about the new one offer brand name Very Xmas which comprises unlimited minutes And Unlimited SMS and well 220 Giga of internet traffic for only 9.99 euros per month.

The validity of the aforementioned promotion expires until January 10, 2022. Now, this new offer is the protagonist of the SMS win back of Very Mobile and does not distinguish the operators of origin, the important thing is to have received the message on your device.

Very Mobile tempts past customers with a win-back SMS

Thanks to the promotional campaign with SMS win back, all those who receive the message can decide to activate the offer via the link in the SMS itself or by going to a Very Mobile store. The only difference between the two methods is the cost of activation and the SIM: free in case of activation of the offer via a link instead, in case of activation in the store the cost of the SIM is 5 €.

As often happens with Very Mobile offers, if the customer runs out of gigabytes of his offer, internet browsing will be blocked until the next renewal, in the event of insufficient residual credit the offer will be suspended until the customer makes a top-up that can cover the cost of renewing the rate.

In addition, with the Very Xmas offer, the activation of paid services is blocked by default but can be activated through the operator’s official app. As indicated in the message, the wingback promo via SMS will be available until December 20, subject to any extensions or changes.

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