Volvo brings YouTube into some of its cars

Services dedicated to entertainment are increasingly important in modern cars. Infotainment systems are constantly being enriched with features that allow people to pass the time in the car while, for example, they are waiting for someone in a parking lot or, in the case of electric cars, while they are charging.

From CES 2022 in Las Vegas comes the news that Volvo, thanks to the work carried out with Google, will introduce the video playback YouTube on all its models equipped with the infotainment system based on the Android platform. The app can be downloaded through Google Play and will make it possible to offer an entertainment service to passengers.

Obviously, this new feature was introduced paying close attention to the safety aspect. In fact, the video playback will start only with the car parked.

Allowing our customers to watch videos while charging their batteries or waiting for their children to leave school is part of our promise to make their life more comfortable and enjoyable. Thanks to YouTube and other major streaming services that will soon be available on board, our customers will be able to enjoy their charging pause instead of considering it just a hassle and the experience of owning an electric car will be a little more pleasant.

But the news is not over. Volvo will offer direct integration between its cars and enabled devices Google Assistant service.

In practical terms, people, by associating their Volvo with their personal Google account, will be able to remotely set a series of functions, such as heating or locking car doors, using voice commands given to Google Assistant-enabled home and mobile devices. The feature will be made available progressively over the next few months on Volvos that have an Android-based infotainment system.

Finally, Volvo and Google announced that customers will soon be able to download navigation apps like Sygic and Flitsmeister, charging apps like Chargepoint and Plugshare, and parking apps like SpotHero and ParkWhiz, where available.

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