Volvo Trucks, more range for the new generation of the VNR Electric truck

Electrification it is also progressing in heavy vehicle sector. Among the most active manufacturers in this field, there are Volvo Trucks which has just announced the launch of the new generation of his electric truck VNR Electric designed primarily for the American market. The company is working hard to push the spread of the use of heavy battery vehicles. In this sense, one cannot fail to mention, for example, the collaboration with DHL.

Additionally, it is working with companies such as Aurora to develop autonomous driving solutions for its electric trucks. Volvo Trucks, after starting to introduce its battery-powered trucks in Europe, has decided to take them to America since 2020, launching its VNR Electric model equipped with a 264 kWh battery capable of offering a range of up to 150 miles ( about 240 km) depending on the chosen configuration.

Now, the new generation of the VNR Electric model above all it improves autonomy thanks to the introduction of higher capacity batteries. Depending on the configuration of the truck, it is possible to have a total capacity of the batteries (6 accumulators) up to 565 kWh for a distance that can arrive up to 275 miles (about 442 km). Alternatively, it is possible to have versions with 4 batteries for a total of 375 kWh.

The charging capacity has also been improved since it is possible to refuel the electric truck with a direct current at one maximum power of 250 kW. Truck configurations with the higher capacity batteries will be able to reach 80% charge in approximately 90 minutes.

Interested companies can already order this new heavy vehicle in all variants in which it is offered by Volvo Trucks. Production, says the company, will start in the second quarter of 2022. Andy Brown, product marketing manager at Volvo Trucks, commented:

Volvo Trucks continues to expand the capabilities of VNR Electric to make it more efficient, meet the demands of our customers and provide a better driving experience. The electric motor with two-speed I-Shift transmission offers improved acceleration. Innovations such as Volvo Active Driver Assist make driving simple and precise while improving safety.

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