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The current market is chock full of robot vacuum cleaners, it is true, but Dream Bot Z10 Pro differs from the competition, at least from most of it, for some particular features, because it works really well and, above all, because it does not miss anything. So, after a few weeks of home service, we decided to talk to you about it and to explain a little bit how it works, what it can do and, above all, what it can give in terms of cleaning, also because it is not the latest arrival but it is the current flagship model of the Dream company.

Packaging, accessories, and construction

Dream Bot Z10 Pro arrives at home in a big and heavy box inside which there are him, the base, some manuals, and some spare accessories (an additional bag for the base, for a total of two, the accessory with the mop for wash and a second rotating brush). It is built, as well as the base, in a good hard and resistant plastic and this suggests that it can last a long time, even if, we imagine, that no one intends to go to war with it. What stands out the most, however, is the quality construction and the excellent assembly of any part, both fixed and mobile, even the smallest, and this is certainly pleasing, especially since this applies to the small robot but also to the base.

Easy to install and configure

Once you have taken everything out of the box, the first thing to do is to place the base in a place with at least 50 cm free in all directions; once this is done, simply remove the seals from the robot, download the Xiaomi Home application and connect it to the smartphone via the Wi-Fi network to start cleaning the house since everything is ready for use, both inside the robot itself and in the base. The configuration, as well as setting the options within the application, is quite simple and immediate since everything is organized in tabs and sections, there is only what you need and everything works fine.

How Dream Bot Z10 Pro works at home

Dream Bot Z10 Pro was a pleasant surprise as there is never anything to get mad at him as it always works well; it is one of those products that is immediately ready for use from the first start-up and that does not create any kind of headaches. We tested it in an apartment of about forty square meters, so small, and it always managed to do its job very well, both cleaning and washing with laminated parquet on the ground, three short-pile carpets, and numerous obstacles. (basically a small bathroom, a double bedroom, an entrance-living room, and a kitchen). At the first exit, nothing was enough to map, with extreme accuracy, the entire apartment, complete with environments and obstacles, in just a few minutes through the dedicated function (pre-mapping for the first cleaning is not essential, but we have preferred to run it).


From the first cleaning onwards it has always been a pleasure because it manages to eliminate, with the standard suction mode that provides the right mix of power-silence (practically it makes no noise), any type of dirt thoroughly (obviously there are no mountains of garbage and age-old encrustations on the ground, also because, after all, Dream Bot Z10 Pro is a vacuum cleaner and not a bulldozer); and the same is with washing using the accessory with the integrated cloth and the 150 ml water tank because it is able to eliminate the recently appeared stains, therefore fresh, and the more superficial and slightly encrusted stains (of course it is also possible to vacuum and wash at the same time). The credit, of course, is all due to the enormous suction power of 4000 pa, which makes it one of the most powerful in its category.

The nice thing is that during cleaning it is able to avoid obstacles with surgical precision thanks to the 3D detection system but at the same time to pass between the feet of the chairs, slip behind the sofa, pass around the table and under the bed, and in any case. go wherever there is enough space for its size; and no less important is the possibility to climb over obstacles up to 2 cm high, as can be, as in our case, the feet of a clothesline, also operate completely in the dark thanks to the numerous 3D laser sensors and to automatically recognize and in any case vacuum the carpets, both high-pile and short-pile. In our apartment to clean about 35 square meters it takes about 36 minutes and 23% of battery, which is not bad considering that it operates with the standard suction mode, which allows it power and silence, and that there are various obstacles around. that slow it down, like furniture, chairs, and carpets.


The cleaning side Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is magnificent, and it could not be otherwise given that after all it is a top-of-the-range, and the same is the software side, application, and settings. It connects to the smartphone, to Google Assistant, and to Amazon Alexa, so it can also be used via voice commands, through the Xiaomi Home application and the home Wi-Fi network and provides the user with a lot of customizable parameters to ensure that it best suits your needs, as well as those of the house and the type of cleaning to be performed. There is the possibility to choose the suction power and to automatically increase it to the maximum on the carpets, to select the environments to be cleaned by rooms or manual selection, with the possibility of creating virtual walls and specific limitations, to choose the number of passes, to define the amount of water to use with the mop, to choose whether to wash, vacuum or wash and vacuum, to schedule cleaning sessions and, above all, to activate and set the automatic emptying of the dirt sucked into the base (yes, it is equipped with self-emptying) after 1, 2 or 3 cleanings; the settings are many more and they are all visible in the screenshots below.

Battery life, filters, and sensors

Dream Bot Z10 Pro is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery, the highest capacity seen so far for these products, and allows, as mentioned above, cleaning of an area of ​​35-36 square meters with standard suction with three nice thick carpets at maximum power and numerous obstacles using about 23%. The autonomy is therefore excellent and more than enough to cover the entire surface of most homes and even if it were not it is equipped with a function that allows it to pause cleaning, recharge, and resume cleaning as well. to be completed in a completely automatic way.

In addition to the autonomy of the battery, we must consider that of the filters, tanks, and sensors: also in this case it is able to guarantee tranquility and effectiveness because first of all, it integrates a 400 ml dirt tank, which can also self- empty, and then integrates a convenient function within the application that provides information on the residual life of the sensors and the various filters before maintenance cleaning due to the type of cleaning performed and the number of working hours. Thus it is possible to keep under control every part to be maintained and cleaned, including the 4-liter base bag.


Dream Bot Z10 Pro is passed with flying colors

Summing up the Dream Bot Z10 Pro is pretty easy because the speech is simple: it is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner, a top of the range, and as such it works very well and truly guarantees smart cleaning thoroughly, simplifying life, unlike many others who vacuum and clean in a superficial way and who are not able to move precisely within the environments. Those looking for this kind of product can only set their sights on it because it is complete, reliable, and very, very, powerful. Dream Bot Z10 Pro is available for purchase on Amazon at a price of 499.99 euros, discounted at 424.99 euros until tomorrow 12 December.

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