Xiaomi MIX Fold 2: new but familiar display. It could arrive in March

2021 was, in several respects, the year of leaflets, but it looks like the trend will continue to strengthen in 2022. This year we have seen how Samsung’s proposals have come to maturity and, at the same time, the competition has begun to bring more or less interesting answers to the market, the latest of which is represented by the Oppo Find N.

At the beginning of the year, we also witnessed the launch of Xiaomi’s foldout, the Mi MIX Fold, a smartphone that has remained confined to the Chinese market, without receiving global marketing. In many ways, Xiaomi’s proposal seemed all too hasty, almost as if the intent was simply to submit a leaflet at all costs, to reaffirm its existence in the sector even in the face of a product made in very few units and very difficult to find.

However, it seems that 2022 should be the right year to witness the launch of a leaflet by Xiaomi that goes to speak to a wider audience. The rumors come from IT Home, a portal that shows how the Chinese house is aiming for one presentation expected around March, in which the protagonist will be the next MIX Fold 2. The timing is not official, but it makes sense, especially considering that the Mi MIX Fold arrived exactly in the same month.

As for the new features, the MIX Fold 2 will adopt a foldable internal display with the same 8.1 “diagonal as its predecessor. It will be a flexible OLED made by Samsung, which will be protected by the Xiaomi version of UTG technology which is now becoming a must for any foldable device. There is also the possible passage to 120Hz, an improved hinge, a new design, and the transition to the platform Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. news on the battery front, given that the capacity should remain around 5,000 mAh, while it’s unclear what end the camera will do with liquid lenses present on the first Fold, but a front cam could arrive under the display (we hope for the internal one, which was previously lacking).

In short, even Xiaomi seems interested in continuing to preside over this field; with the intensification of competition, the Chinese house will have to give its best to offer an interesting product capable of differentiating itself, aiming especially at a software suite able to properly enhance the nature of the leaflet itself. And perhaps this is precisely the greatest challenge to which the Chinese house is called, especially now that this kind of hardware is becoming more and more common and it is no longer possible to play only with the wow effect.


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