Xiaomi sounds the charge it is about to launch the 150W one on smartphones

In a landscape where mid-range smartphones offer increasingly interesting specifications, and the models all look a bit alike, the battery is an element of the technical data sheet on which the eye falls more and more often, and which can make the difference in the choice of a product. The reason is simple: users may be more or less interested in the photographic qualities of a device or its predisposition for intensive gaming, but being able to use the smartphone for as long as possible interests everyone.

There are two important parameters: the first is the battery capacity (to be related to the optimization of the different SoCs and software), and the second is the charging speed. Because no matter how big a battery may be, it will eventually run out: and at that point being able to carry it in a flashover 50% makes all the difference in the world.

In this sense Xiaomi is a cutting-edge brand: we talked about it in a special dedication last October, when the Chinese giant introduced the updated version of its 120W fast charger together with the 11T Pro. stop, and is ready to raise the bar further.

The rumors report that Xiaomi would be in the final stages of the development and testing of a new charging system fast capable of reaching power of 150Wmaking it even faster to fill up the battery. At the moment the rumors stop there and do not refer to particular dates or models.

But the fact that the technology is close to being finalized, if confirmed, would imply that in the course of 2022 we should see at least one Xiaomi smartphone with 150W charging. And maybe the first could be the MIX5, considering that the Chinese manufacturer has historically used this family of products to introduce the most advanced features.