Yamaha E01, first images of the electric scooter. Debut in 2022

Yamaha E01, the new electric scooter of the Japanese brand, seems to be getting closer and closer to its debut. After a very first taste with a small battery-powered scooter, the manufacturer aims to launch a much more mature product on the market. We’ve talked about it multiple times overtime after it was shown as a concept a few years ago. It will be a model equivalent to 125cc endothermic scooters.

Although definitive technical data have not been disclosed, the power will not exceed 11 kW. Similar scooters have a maximum speed in the order of 100 km / h. It is, therefore, possible that this vehicle has similar performance. The interesting news is that the new Yamaha E01 was previewed to the Japanese press and the first images have also leaked. Although the electric scooter still appears disguised, you can still see some aspects of its look that reflect that of the concept of the past.

The most notable change concerns the saddle which takes on a more traditional design without the fabric cover. Other changes can be seen in the mudguards, passenger footboards, headlights, and front charging socket. If the past rumors were correct, the battery should not be removable. There are no particular indications of the capacity of the accumulator. Given what is found on other electric scooters of this type, a capacity can be assumed around 4 kWh for a range of about 90-100 km depending on the speed held.

The photos of the scooter prototype are also very interesting because they show the digital instrumentation. It is not clear if this is the final version but we find a very simple (non-color) LCD screen that highlights only the main information. Instead, many recent electric scooter models use color screens that show much more information.

If Yamaha were to confirm this “basic” display in the production model, it could be the signal that the Japanese brand aims to offer its vehicle at a competitive price. The electric scooter will debut in 2022 (we are talking about spring) but we still don’t know exactly when. All that remains is to wait for more information on this product.

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