Anxiety for autonomy? Anxiety to be left with low batteries away from every column? If this is what is holding you back from buying an electric car from today you may have found the solution. He arrives E-GAP, a service of reload .. home! I tested it and here’s how it went.

Using this service is very simple. The app and if you are inside the operational area you can proceed with the request for recharging. The app rightly reminds us to park in order to make it possible to join the van for recharging and then inform us about when the latter will arrive.

How much? The tariff obviously varies according to the urgency with which we need to recharge and how much energy we want. For an intervention within 90 minutes, you pay € 20 for 30 minutes of charging at 10kWh, € 25 for 45 minutes of charging at 20kWh e € 30 for 60 minutes of charging at 30kWh. If you are not in a hurry and can also wait until 6 hours and in this case, the prices become respectively € 18, € 23 And € 28.

The service of emergency, with which E-GAP will also reach up to ten kilometers outside its own urban service area to help those requiring assistance because they are no longer able to reach the coverage area or any charging station.

Even more capacious and even faster mobile columns will arrive in the future together with subscriptions increasingly competitive. We will then see.

E-GAP is currently available in Milan, Rome, And Bologna but soon it will also arrive in Turin and then in other cities of Italy and Europe such as Paris and Madrid first and Germany and Great Britain then. Nice to see an Italian reality succeed and be appreciated, which will certainly happen outside the country too!


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