Mercedes, from 2024 internal production for electric motors

Starting from 2024 the German House Mercedes will produce the electric motors on its own intended for its cars: the news was made official by Markus Shafer, Chief Development Officer. Markus Shafer, during an interview with the German magazine Automobilwoche, therefore announced the future strategy on which the car manufacturer is working.

Mercedes will therefore undertake to produce both I electric engines for its cars and the batteries, the supply of which could however also be entrusted to one of the joint ventures created by the Stuttgart company. Therefore, if until now electric motors and components destined for the powertrains of the electric cars of the brand were supplied by external companies, in the future the strategy will be different both for models based on the MMA platform than for those who will have the EA platform.

To produce in-house the electric motors that will be fitted to its future battery-powered cars, Mercedes has recently bought the British company Yasa, manufacturer of electric motors also decided to create a new Mercedes branded kit that will be made in the German plant in Untert├╝rkheim.

The transformation of the automotive industry is more evident at our Berlin site than at any other Mercedes-Benz plant. The transformation from a production site for conventional drive components to a competence center for digitalization and production in the field of electric mobility is a significant step for us. With the production of high-performance electric motors, the Berlin plant will become a fundamental pillar of Mercedes-Benz’s sustainable electrification strategy.

If we think that Mercedes-Benz aims to have half of the all-electric or plug-in hybrid models by 2025, the internal production of electric motors could represent an important step forward for the development of the German brand.

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